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Water treatment will prevent corrosion, scale formation, fouling and bacteriological growth


In industry and the food industry, the problem of scale is recurrent. It gradually deposits in hot water tanks and cooling circuits, reducing the heat exchange between the heating and cooling water and increasing energy costs by up to 30%, sometimes even 60%.

Open or closed circuit cooling tower, evaporative condenser, water treatment as well as the cleanliness of the installation and its maintenance are essential for their good functioning. The risks of corrosion, scaling, deposits and bacteriological development are real and depend on a healthy circulation water. Such risks will affect heat transfer efficiency and operating costs.  

The accumulation of scale eventually reduces the efficiency of the appliance and causes an increase in cooling or condensation temperature, but also in electrical power and therefore additional costs. In fact, scaling does not only depend on the concentration of calcium or magnesium carbonate in the water. Other factors such as temperature, turbulence, flow velocity, water pH and water composition can also contribute to the formation of deposits or slow them down.

The advantages of the ®ACQUAPROCESS process:

Energy savings | Water savings | Elimination of corrosion | Improved bacteriological control | Lower maintenance costs | Elimination of environmental risks


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Our ultra low frequency (ULF) induction process will reduce chemical consumption by 30-50%.


Most water treatments are done with chemicals. In the treatment of swimming pools, limescale remains the sworn enemy. In addition to being unesthetic for the pool, limescale can be dangerous for the equipment and dangerous for the filtration system. A scaled pool will quickly lead to numerous inconveniences such as the appearance of cloudy water, gray or whitish deposits along the walls, and the development of microalgae. The treatment with chlorine can lead to a reaction between the chlorine and the ammonia producing chloramine, which is toxic and harmful to the health of the bathers, such as skin and eye irritation.

®ACQUAPROCESS is a proven equipment using a very low frequency (ULF) induction process to treat water systems. The ULF generator sends a series of signals varying in frequency and power, and transmits this energy as a spectrum to the water through an inductor. The energy thus modifies the physical properties of the water molecule by increasing its solubility via a grouping of molecules. The ULF process will limit fouling, corrosion or chloramine formation while maintaining PH stability.
It will facilitate the cleaning of the ring around the ponds and will allow you to reduce your water consumption by 30%.  

The advantages of the ®ACQUAPROCESS process:

Guarantee of results | No maintenance | Unequalled water quality | Controls the formation of bacteria | Fast installation | Economical | Ecological | Equipment guaranteed for 3 years

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®ACQUAPROCESS protège le circuit d'eau et les équipements connectés contre tout risque d'entartrage et corrosion.


Our system ®ACQUAPROCESS also allows to equip tertiary buildings, condominiums, hospitals, clinics, retirement homes for a water treatment whatever the type of installation. Without any modification of the existing system, the installation of the ®ACQUAPROCESS process will be done in three different places, a first device is installed on the general cold water supply, a second one is set up on the domestic hot water recirculation loop and finally a third one can be placed on the central heating loop. In case the heating and DHW recirculation loops are close to each other, the second unit can be used for both circuits at the same time.

®ACQUAPROCESS will protect the water system and connected equipment from scaling and corrosion. It will considerably reduce your maintenance needs. It will also destroy biofilm and installed scale. Finally, our system will limit the reproduction of bacteria and sludge. ®ACQUAPROCESS is suitable for both individual homes and apartment buildings with several hundred units. 100% satisfied or money back for the first year!

The advantages of the ®ACQUAPROCESS process:

Results guaranteed | Quick installation without plumbing | No change in water chemistry | No maintenance | 100% safe and environmentally friendly | Equipment guaranteed 3 years